Fortress Systems manufacture load banks ranging from small portable loads for testing petrol generators to multi-megawatt high voltage loads for large diesel generators and gas turbines at up to 13.8kV.

Regular load testing, along with correct battery maintenance, is the best way of ensuring the reliability of standby power systems.

Such tests are usually carried out against a temporary load bank brought to site for the purpose and removed afterwards, or a fixed dummy load installed with the generator.

Suitcase Load Banks

Fortress suitcase load banks are available in two configurations, allowing for easy travel to out of the way testing locations. This load bank is perfect for transport by one technician due to its lightweight, available casters and telescoping handle. Individual units are useful for loads up to 150kW from the back of a pickup at the jobsite, tight locations or for roof mounted generators accessible only by elevator. Fortress suitcase load banks can be daisy chained together to increase testing capacity.

Available Ratings:

  • Max kW (Hand Carry) – 75
  • Max kW (Rolling) – 150
  • Resolution, kW – 1, 5, 10, 25
  • Rated Voltage (L-L) – 240, 415, 480, 690
  • Controls – Integral

Stationary Load Banks

Fortress’s line of stationary, outdoor resistive load banks are designed and built to be permanently mounted and used for dedicated, on-site testing. The result of many years of experience, these load banks are built to withstand not only the elements but also continuous duty in difficult conditions. A modular design concept enables larger units to be constructed from standard “building blocks”. This simplifies component sourcing and manufacturing, allowing us to ship your load bank quicker. The resistors elements require no cool-down period between operations; the louvered enclosures are designed for safety and durability.

Available Ratings:

  • Max kW – 25 to 1000
  • Resolution, kW – 5, 10, 50, 100
  • Rated Voltage (L-L) – 240, 415, 480, 690
  • Controls – Integral

Portable Load Banks

Fortress’s range of standard portable load banks is designed for testing AC and DC systems, including batteries, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and standby generators.

They are available for quick delivery, easily handled by one person, light, robust, simple to use, and reliable.

All units are fan-cooled, which helps to ensure a compact design. The fan supply is taken from the test load itself or from an auxiliary supply of 110 or 230V AC, according to model.

Units are fitted with over temperature protection. To reduce weight enclosures are manufactured from aluminum and fitted with handles and where required have castors to ease maneuverability.

All units can be operated at voltages lower than their nominal rating; power is reduced accordingly.

Available Ratings:

  • Max kW – 3 to 500
  • Resolution, kW – various
  • Rated Voltage (ac L-L) – 110, 240, 415, 480
  • Rated Voltage (dc) – 27, 28, 110, 240
  • Controls – Integral

Radiator Mounted Load Banks

Fortress offers resistive load banks designed and built for radiator mounting in a variety of configurations and dimensions. Typically sized around 50% of the engine nameplate rating, these permanently mounted load banks eliminate wet-stacking problems and are useful for regularly scheduled testing. Available for use at 240 through 690 volts, the total load and individual steps can be coordinated to suit your particular application. Controls can be mounted on the load bank itself or also available for remote rack mounting for easier access. The standard package includes fusing, master and step controls as well as indicating lamps. Manual control is standard for more than one step, while an automatic feature is an available option.

Available Ratings:

  • Max kW – 1000
  • Resolution, kW – 5, 20, 25 or 50
  • Rated Voltage (L-L) – 240, 415, 480, 690
  • Controls – Integral

High Voltage Load Banks

Fortress’s line of stationary, indoor or outdoor high voltage resistive load banks are designed and built to be permanently mounted and used for dedicated, on-site testing. Load banks up to 13.8kV/60Hz and 11kV/50Hz can be supplied either fan forced or naturally ventilated. Using an 11kV load bank directly connected to an 11kV generator or turbine means that a transformer is not required as part of the load bank package and is often a cost efficient method. Ratings up to 20MW are available.